Why an arborist is the best bet to prune your trees

Many accidents happen when you try to do everything yourself. The roof that needs replacing, the electrical appliance that needs repairs, there are a few things you should always trust to an experienced professional and one of those is pruning your trees in Ottawa.

Trees provide excellent shade and aesthetic value to any homeowner. A bushy environment is prone to cause accidents. For an effective trimming and pruning of trees, you need experts in the business to maintain them.

We will show you why tree pruning would work better with an arborist.


DIY tree pruning can be highly dangerous

Masked with the proper experience and technique, anyone can prune a tree. But when you don’t have it, it is best to leave it to the professionals. There is a considerable safety risk you take when you prune a tree as an amateur. Safe to say the odds are better with a professional at the helm.

  • 1:120 is the risk number of tree workers’ deaths
  • Six in 100 accidents for specialist is a clear indication of what we are talking about.


DIY can cause damage to your trees

Trees come up with diseases and dead leaves now and then. Knowing when to spot these diseases and dead leaves and the amount of time it takes to remove the leaves and branches affected is an art. Only a professional can cut and improve the airflow to that tree without causing any damage to your guest and family and the tree itself. A specialist gives trees the much-needed attention for them to grow and thrive.


An arborist has the right knowledge about trees

No person is more equipped with tools and knowledge like an arborist who aims to prune your trees. They are quite knowledgeable about trees, the diseases that fester on them, and the damages they incur. They also give you first-hand information about the latest treatments for the diseases your tree is currently facing – along with having the necessary tools to carry out the task.


Tree pruning service in Ottawa

If you are hoping to find the best tree pruning service in and around Ottawa, it would be wise to call on us. We employ the use of professionals for our residential and commercial tree pruning – each member of our team is savvy with pruning, trimming, cutting, removal, and stumping.

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Why Tree Pruning Is Essential

Not a day goes by that we are not recommended to carry out a tree pruning task by one of our repeated customers. Often those they recommend have a lot of questions regarding tree pruning. We are here to answer them.


Shearing deadwood

Shearing deadwood is an activity that is done simply by removing dead, decayed branches and leaves attached to a tree for our client. The aim is to provide more aesthetic value and environmentally friendly atmosphere.


Crown clipping

Usually, we have trees that outgrow themselves, causing problems for the community. A tree service company like ours could help trim the branches on the crown. It will go a long way to solving many problems associated with your trees.


Crown trimming

Crown trimming are usually done to straighten out the tree and put it in the right shape to enable light and air to penetrate it. Crown trimming is one of the services we offer.


The essentials of pruning them young

Many opportunities exist for young trees to grow out of shape. Clipping them early ensure they stay on track and maintain a formal structure all through their life.


What advantages do we get from pruning trees?

  • Cutting down tree branches is a lifesaver on its own. It could avert severe injuries from happening in the long run.
  • Clogged trees leave no room for growth until we trim them down and the air starts flowing.
  • A cleared tree area opens up the place for bikes, walks, drives and a lot more.
  • For trees look their best, they have to maintain a structure. Trimming helps them do that.
  • The color of a tree is affected anytime a dead or diseased branch gets removed.

Are you looking for tree pruning in Ottawa? Look no further than our friendly services. Our specialty has endeared us towards tremendous licensing and insurance experience over the years as a leading arborist company.

In Ottawa we carry out commercial and residential services which include and not limited to;

  • Clipping down trees – Our experts will help you remove trees you find that is causing problems in your community.
  • Tree shearing – schedule trimming duties of trees will prolong their lifespan. It will also ensure they maintain a definite shape and structure.


The Common Signs of a Dying or Dead Tree?

For most of us homeowners it can be difficult to see if one of our trees is dying before it is too late and there is usually a chance that a tree can be saved with some maintenance and preventative measures if you are able to spot an unhealthy tree in advance.

The reason it is difficult to see if your tree is dying is that trees die gradually, usually over the course of several years if the causes are natural. A dead tree on your property affects the overall look of your yard and landscape and the the problem goes deeper than just aesthetics as the dead tree is actually a hazard to people and property if the tree was to fall down on someone or something. If identified early, some symptoms can be corrected. Here are the most common red flags you should be on the look out for to determine if your tree is dying.

  • Unusual shedding of leaves
  • Branches falling off
  • An infestation of ants and other insects
  • Bark falling off
  • Leaning/bending trees
  • Discolored leaves
  • Fungi infestation

If you notice any of these signs that your tree may be unhealthy or dying then it is important to contact a qualified arborist right away. We have experience in recognizing the early warning signs of an unhealthy tree and we can usually perform some tree maintenance to save your tree. If the worst case happens and your tree is too far gone then we can help you establish a tree removal plan to keep your yard safe and looking great. We have experience in the safe removal of trees and trimming of trees to keep you and your family free from the hazards that a dying tree present.

Tree Safety on Ottawa Construction Zones and Building Sites

Construction sites and building zones involve a lot of moving pieces and factors such as time, plans, physical labour and often different contractors. When planning construction many things are taken into consideration such as soil concentrations etc. however one thing that doesn’t always received the same thought in the beginning is trees. This may come as a surprise but trees of all ages require some considerations and precautions which will increase the trees chance of survival after construction comes to an end.

Even if a construction site seems to have zero or minimal impact on the trees growing on the property, it can take years for mature trees to show signs and symptoms from damages caused by construction. In some cases it can even take a decade for a tree to die from post-construction injuries. If you are planning to do some construction, whether it’s a residential project that is quite small or it is a full blown commercial build, we encourage you to contact a professional arborist to take a look at the trees on the property and provide some recommendations on the most effective way to care for the trees and prevent construction related damage. There are also some considerations and post-construction care regimens that can help maintain healthy trees.

There is an area around every tree that is known as the critical root zone (CRZ) and it is extremely important that this zone is protected and considerations are made to ensure the tree is not damaged in the CRZ.

Some construction and building tasks that can negatively impact the health and lifespan of a tree include:

  • Debris being dumped or placed on top of the root system, against a tree trunk or something that seeps into the ground.
  • Vehicles driving over the critical root zone.
  • Harmful and dangerous materials being mixed over the roots or critical root zone (ie. paint or mortar).
  • Roots of the tree being cut and soil compacted by heavy traffic.

With the right precautions and post-construction care, you can help prevent the premature death of your trees that make up such a beautiful landscape for your property. Before you begin your construction project, give us a call to discuss construction site safety with regards to your trees and the critical root zone. We are here to help and if you have some dead or dying trees we can help with the tree removal as well to ensure that only the dead trees are removed and the remaining healthy trees stay healthy.

Spring Tree Care Checklist from Tree Pruning to Planting

Winter is on its way out as spring kicks off to spark the change in seasons. This is the time of year to start focusing on spring tree care for your home. Your main task right now is to prepare your trees for new growth as the snow and ice melt away. Additionally, if you want to plant new trees then now is the time to start planning for them. Follow this checklist for things that need to be done in spring.

Spring Tree Inspections and Tree Pruning

This time of year is the perfect time to get your trees inspected. It is easier for arborists to identify disease and any winter damage that may be impacting your tree growth. Spring is also the perfect time for tree pruning which will help encourage spring growth. This is the process of trimming dead and damaged branches as well as cutting off any unsafe branches to prevent injury. The best time for tree pruning is early spring because if you have your trees pruned after spring then your tress can be attacked by various diseases and insects/pests. When tree pruning is done properly, you will have a huge positive impact on the overall health of your trees and their accelerated growth.

Garden Cleanup and Tree Fertilization

Once the snow and ice melt away, you will want to take this opportunity to clean your yard and remove branches, leaves and other types of waste that have been accumulating in your yard. This can allow sunlight to not just reach but also penetrate beneath the soil surface which can help with the development of tree roots, resulting in the most optimal spring tree growth. After the winter months, your soil is likely lacking the proper nutrients for your tree. Consequently, you should take advantage of the spring time and start your tree fertilization program so that the nutrients can be replenished in your soil which will help with the overall health of your tree and make your tree less vulnerable to pests and disease.

Mulching and New Tree Planting

Another way to improve the soil quality around your trees is to mulch. Tree mulching helps to keep your soil fertilized and moist which will also stop weeds from growing (added bonus) and mulching is very important for young or newly planted trees that you may have added this spring. Two to four inches is sufficient around your trees.

There are many reasons people plant trees from pure aesthetics to the production of oxygen. Plants in your yard will also provide much needed shade during the summer months and offer a place to hide for your family and pets. Additionally, the newly planted trees will help increase the value of your home in time as people seek properties with a lot of tree coverage. While trees can be very beneficial, they must be planted in the right way and the first step is choosing the right place to plant them. This is where we can step in with our tree planting services to offer the best recommendations and tree planting for successful tree growth.

Crowe Tree Service offers a full range of spring tree care services in Ottawa and our professional arborists are always happy to help you with all of your tree care needs from tree removal, tree pruning, tree care and hedge trimming. Contact us today to get free consultation on your tree care services this spring and get a jump start on the season.


Spring Tree Maintenance and Pruning Ottawa

Spring is on it’s way and this is a great time of year to start thinking about your trees, hedges and tree maintenance. This time of year is great to look at our trees to identify any care you may need to start applying to your young trees in the spring.

One of the first things you will want to take a look at is whether or not you need more mulch. Check around your young trees and determine the level of mulch that has survived through the winter months. It’s best to dig around the existing mulch checking for any weeds or other issues before putting another 2-3 inches of mulch on top that would just mask the deeper problem. Once you have checked the surrounding mulch and determined that everything looks good and you need more mulch then you are good to go with puttting another 2-3 inches on top.

The next thing you will want to do is check the water level of your trees with a screw driver to see if the screw driver comes out wet or moist when put into the ground. Your trees have been pushing roots all winter and are likely thirsty so it’s a great time to give them a proper drink. After nourishing your parched trees and replenishing the mulch it is time to start looking at pruning the trees to foster optimal growth and to trim the dead ends.

For the best spring tree maintenance, give us a call and one of our trained arborists in Ottawa will help you with your spring tree maintenance. Your trees will be healthier for it and your yard will look fantastic.

Dead Tree Removal Ottawa – When is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Trees can really add to a landscape and beautify your yard, so when they are dying it can be hard to part with them. Even if your tree seems healthy and in good shape, the health of your tree could be much worse than what you see with the untrained eye and can be a disaster waiting to happen if something isn’t done right away.

Usually removal of a tree would be a last resort if there are no other options such as safe tree management like pruning and disease mitigation however there are times where tree removal is the best course of action a home owner can take. Tree removal in Ottawa can be tricky business and quite dangerous so it is highly recommended to have a professional tree removal expert perform the tree removal. You should not attempt to do a tree removal on your own unless you have a lot of experience with tree removal and tree maintenance. If you do not remove a dead or dying tree then you are risking thousands of dollars in damage as well as personal injury if the tree or parts of the tree fall. With the heavy winds and unusual weather we have been experiencing in Ottawa, it is recommended to have us take a look at your trees if there are some you are concerned about in order to assess the risk and provide you with some recommendations. Often a tree doesn’t look dangerous until after a storm or heavy snow exposes its vulnerabilities and by this time it may be too late if the tree has fallen causing damage to property or persons.

As a home owner, you own the tree and therefore you are responsible for any damages caused by the tree so it is in your best interest to have the tree professionally removed. This is just to keep you informed and not to scare you as the tree removal process is easy and affordable. We just want to make sure you understand the reasons behind having a tree removed and the seriousness of not removing a dead or dying tree.

How Can I Tell if My Tree is Dead or Dying?

There is some good news! You can usually tell if a tree is struggling by studying the branches, trunk, roots and location around your tree. You should be looking for some red flags that would indicate it may be time to remove your dead or dying tree. The following red flags will help you identify issues:

  • There are signs of infection
  • You see large, dead branches in the tree’s crown
  • Your tree isn’t growing well
  • There is evidence of root defects
  • The trunk is compromised
  • The tree is hollow
  • The tree is suddenly leaning
  • You observe sprouts at the base of the tree
  • The tree is under power lines
  • The tree is too close to a house or other structure

If you have noticed any of these red flags then give us a call and one of our professional arborists will come by to inspect your tree to determine a tree maintenance plan or if tree removal is required. If your tree is dead or dying it doesn’t mean it has to be removed in every case. For example, if your tree is located on a large lot in a forest away from people or structures then it will be okay to let nature take its course. Tree removal is usually a last resort because these trees can serve as a home and refuge for woodpeckers and other wildlife in your neighbourhood.

Sometimes tree failures happen and it is sudden and something you cannot plan for – however with dead and dying trees you usually have some time before imminent danger is present so you can prepare for a proper tree removal by a professional. This is not to be ignored though to prevent damage to yourself, your family or your home. A good time to inspect your tree is in between seasons before the worst of summer storms and heavy winter snowfalls happen. Since most tree removal jobs are unsafe for the average home or property owner, it is important for you to give us a call for our professional tree removal services.

Does tree trimming help your tree grow?

There are many reasons why tree pruning and trimming is beneficial and one of the most apparent is that you will increase your property value by beautifying your yard and making your home more attractive. There are benefits for your trees also in terms of their overall health. Having your trees professionally pruned will make them more healthy, productive and of course more pretty to look at. The additional benefit of tree trimming and pruning in Ottawa is that your trees will be safer for your family and the pruning and trimming will actually help them grow better.

Furthermore, if some of your trees are fruit trees then trimming and pruning can help with fruit production from your trees. When you remove dead limbs from your trees, you are promoting better overall health in the tree, since dead wood makes the tree more susceptible to insect infestation and diseases that can harm the tree. The pruning and trimming process encourages the growth of spurs which will become fruit in the following year.

One of the most important reasons outside of the overall growth of your tree is to remove hazardous branches that could fall on someone or something on your property. This is usually a good enough reason to have a professional arborist come in to help with your pruning and tree trimming however the added health benefits for your tree will hopefully push you toward making the phone call to have your tree trimming in Ottawa done this coming season.

You see everything goes hand in hand. Tree trimming helps your tree grow and this ultimately makes your property more beautiful and safe. Dead wood and cracks in the tree, decay, cankers and poor root growth are all able to cause safety issues and can even lead to the death of your tree. Regular tree trimming in Ottawa will help to encourage the health and growth of your tree which will make your tree grow and remain strong – as well as improving the overall aesthetics of your yard.

With all of these benefits it is something you should be adding to your schedule for the coming season by giving us a call at 613-978-TREE (8733) to book an appointment for your annual tree trimming service from one of our tree pruning specialists. Let’s work together to keep your trees looking great, healthy, and most importantly safe for everyone to enjoy.


What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your House

It’s always best to have a tree removed if you believe that your tree is sick or dead and at risk of falling on your home or property. While it is always best to be proactive and hire a tree removal professional in Ottawa, sometimes that opportunity doesn’t present itself and tress fall down on their own without warning or as a result of a big storm. It may sound like something that doesn’t happen often however recent studies show that more people are killed each year from trees falling down than from shark attacks. That’s right, falling trees are more dangerous than sharks… in a sense.

So while we know that tree removal is the best option for safety, if a tree does fall on your property there are some steps you can take to ensure you and your family are safe and to get the cleanup started quickly.

The first thing you should do if a tree falls on your property and you are home is evacuate – immediately. The initial damage can be significant and after the tree falls down the danger isn’t over. When big trees fall on a home they usually fall with incredible force and they can cause structural damage to the home that could lead to a collapse of the building.

After evacuating your home, you will want to look for fallen power lines as this can be a serious life-threatening hazard and any power lines that have fallen down should be reported immediately and avoided at all costs!

The next step would be to call a professional tree removal service in Ottawa to come and assess the situation. A detailed tree removal and debris cleanup quotation will be provided and you can make a game plan with the tree removal company to get started.

It’s very important to understand that fallen trees are very dangerous! Even trees that look like they have fallen and aren’t moving may be under great pressure which makes them extremely dangerous to be around. It’s no joke and it is highly recommended to leave the emergency tree removal and clean up to the tree removal professionals to prevent injury and keep your family safe.

After contacting a tree removal company in Ottawa you will want to contact the insurance company if your property has been damaged and also contact the city or jurisdiction offices to obtain tree removal permits.

Emergency Tree Removal in Ottawa

Having a tree fall on your house would not be a fun experience. The good news is that if you keep these things in mind then in the unfortunate event that you have a tree fall on your home then the process will be much smoother and there will be a lot less to worry about because you will know exactly what to do.

If a tree has fallen on your property and you need emergency tree removal service, please give us a call and one of our tree removal experts will be there to help!

Soil Health Affects the Health of Your Trees

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