Does tree trimming help your tree grow?

There are many reasons why tree pruning and trimming is beneficial and one of the most apparent is that you will increase your property value by beautifying your yard and making your home more attractive. There are benefits for your trees also in terms of their overall health. Having your trees professionally pruned will make them more healthy, productive and of course more pretty to look at. The additional benefit of tree trimming and pruning in Ottawa is that your trees will be safer for your family and the pruning and trimming will actually help them grow better.

Furthermore, if some of your trees are fruit trees then trimming and pruning can help with fruit production from your trees. When you remove dead limbs from your trees, you are promoting better overall health in the tree, since dead wood makes the tree more susceptible to insect infestation and diseases that can harm the tree. The pruning and trimming process encourages the growth of spurs which will become fruit in the following year.

One of the most important reasons outside of the overall growth of your tree is to remove hazardous branches that could fall on someone or something on your property. This is usually a good enough reason to have a professional arborist come in to help with your pruning and tree trimming however the added health benefits for your tree will hopefully push you toward making the phone call to have your tree trimming in Ottawa done this coming season.

You see everything goes hand in hand. Tree trimming helps your tree grow and this ultimately makes your property more beautiful and safe. Dead wood and cracks in the tree, decay, cankers and poor root growth are all able to cause safety issues and can even lead to the death of your tree. Regular tree trimming in Ottawa will help to encourage the health and growth of your tree which will make your tree grow and remain strong – as well as improving the overall aesthetics of your yard.

With all of these benefits it is something you should be adding to your schedule for the coming season by giving us a call at 613-978-TREE (8733) to book an appointment for your annual tree trimming service from one of our tree pruning specialists. Let’s work together to keep your trees looking great, healthy, and most importantly safe for everyone to enjoy.


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What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your House

It’s always best to have a tree removed if you believe that your tree is sick or dead and at risk of falling on your home or property. While it is always best to be proactive and hire a tree removal professional in Ottawa, sometimes that opportunity doesn’t present itself and tress fall down on their own without warning or as a result of a big storm. It may sound like something that doesn’t happen often however recent studies show that more people are killed each year from trees falling down than from shark attacks. That’s right, falling trees are more dangerous than sharks… in a sense.

So while we know that tree removal is the best option for safety, if a tree does fall on your property there are some steps you can take to ensure you and your family are safe and to get the cleanup started quickly.

The first thing you should do if a tree falls on your property and you are home is evacuate – immediately. The initial damage can be significant and after the tree falls down the danger isn’t over. When big trees fall on a home they usually fall with incredible force and they can cause structural damage to the home that could lead to a collapse of the building.

After evacuating your home, you will want to look for fallen power lines as this can be a serious life-threatening hazard and any power lines that have fallen down should be reported immediately and avoided at all costs!

The next step would be to call a professional tree removal service in Ottawa to come and assess the situation. A detailed tree removal and debris cleanup quotation will be provided and you can make a game plan with the tree removal company to get started.

It’s very important to understand that fallen trees are very dangerous! Even trees that look like they have fallen and aren’t moving may be under great pressure which makes them extremely dangerous to be around. It’s no joke and it is highly recommended to leave the emergency tree removal and clean up to the tree removal professionals to prevent injury and keep your family safe.

After contacting a tree removal company in Ottawa you will want to contact the insurance company if your property has been damaged and also contact the city or jurisdiction offices to obtain tree removal permits.

Emergency Tree Removal in Ottawa

Having a tree fall on your house would not be a fun experience. The good news is that if you keep these things in mind then in the unfortunate event that you have a tree fall on your home then the process will be much smoother and there will be a lot less to worry about because you will know exactly what to do.

If a tree has fallen on your property and you need emergency tree removal service, please give us a call and one of our tree removal experts will be there to help!

Soil Health Affects the Health of Your Trees

Professional Tree Removal and Cedar Hedge Trimming in Ottawa

Cedar hedges are a relatively simple way of providing privacy to your home compound and yard. These are easy to grow plants that also add a formal lovely look to your landscape. They are evergreen providing an all year color and interest. However, they also require maintenance and pruning to keep them looking neat and sharp.

In Ottawa, there are quite a number of species of cedar trees which can be used for hedges. The most common species of cedar wood in Thuja occidentals which is commonly called American arborvitae, Northern white cedar, Eastern arborvitae or Eastern white cedar.

Choose the Location Well

You must be very cautious while selecting where you place your cedar hedge. These non-dwarf plants can reach heights of about 15 feet for the Thuja occidentals and 60 feet for Sudwelli if not properly maintained and pruned.

Avoid placing the cedar hedge close to a path, like a walkway or a roadway where you will use salt during the winter. This is because of salt damages cedar hedges. The other don’t is you should avoid planting cedar hedges near steep slopes that cause loss of moisture. For the best growth, it is key to plant your cedar hedge receives full sun to part shade.

How to Cultivate Cedar Hedges in Ottawa

These plants prefer to be planted on organically rich soil which helps maintain the moisture. It is important to place the plants 12 to 18 inches apart from each other when planting. Mature cedar hedges need to be fertilized every fall or spring.

For the first year, the cedar hedges do not require pruning as they are only under 3 feet tall. As the hedge matures it will serve you well if you begin pruning in early spring. The shortest plant will act as a guide, trimming off the tops to match it and light trims on the sides.

If the goal was to encourage more height the leader which is the topmost should not be trimmed. It can also be pruned lightly to encourage more height.

Pruning of cedar hedges in Ottawa goes on throughout the summer to prevent the winterkill of freshly pruned branches.

Cedar hedges are quite the best boundary plants as they do not have any serious insect or disease problems and the effect of infestation is usually minimal. Cedar hedges should be pruned during spring or fall and all through the summer to keep them neat giving your yard that formal look.

Winter tree removal Ottawa

In this cold season, the only tree removal you may be thinking about maybe cutting down your next blue spruce or Douglas fir. But most likely there is a diseased or dead tree in your compound. Winter season may be the perfect time to remove it. This is all in order to avoid it coming down on your house or damaging your property letting you suffer the harsh cold weather and winter snow storms.

There are more reasons as to why tree removal during the winter should be taken seriously. Here are but a few of these reasons:

Slow Season

During winter, almost everyone sticks to indoor activities and you will not find people hiking, camping or walking around the wooded area around your house. This makes it the best time to clear those large trees. Also, the safety of your family is ensured as your kids are not running around the yard where tree removal may be ongoing.

No Leaves, No Problem

Thick foliage makes it difficult to see what branches of the tree are dead and decaying or are diseased in need of cutting. However, during the winter season arborists have a clear vision of the trunk at the very top of the tree. After tree removal, the lack of leaves makes it even an easier job cleaning up.

Bring on the Big Equipment

The winter weather hardens the ground making it the optimum conditions to bring in the big guns. The large trucks and machinery used in tree removal are favoured by the cold season and suffer a minimal risk of getting stuck unless the ground is covered with snow. After the tree trunk is cut you will have to wait for the ground to soften in order to remove the stump. But this is a non-issue considering you have done away with the risk of a tree damaging your property during a storm.

Benefits of Tree Removal over the Winter

Winter is the optimal time for pruning and removing dead and diseased trees from your compound. This is because trees become dormant and with the lack of leaves the arborists have a clear line of sight. But what are the benefits of removing trees over the winter? Well here are some of the benefits:

  • Evaluation of the tree is simpler – As winter season gets closer, trees start becoming dormant and start dropping their leaves. When winter is finally upon us the trees are completely dormant and have no leaves. This makes it easy for the arborists to assess the tree structure and it is easier to spot dangerous or dead branches hanging on the trunk.
  • Spring appearance – Trees pruned over the winter period are able to recover more quickly before spring. Especially if they are done late in the winter you will have minimal time looking at a pruned tree.
  • Less chance of diseases spreading – Most of the insects, bacteria, fungi and parasites that spread and create disease are usually dead or dormant meaning the chances of developing problems with your tree, later on, is greatly reduced.

It is not unusual to have people believe that tree maintenance cannot be done during winter or that tree maintenance businesses do not operate during the cold and snowy months. Winter tree removal and pruning is key to have your tree looking amazing during spring and also reduces the chance of suffering damage to your property during a snowstorm.

Hire a professional for tree stump removal in Ottawa

There are simple steps to follow to sort out a loose tree, a tree stump on your property or a dead tree that needs to be removed. Dead tree stumps tend to attract pests such as termites which eat away at the dead tree and once they are done set sights to your house or office. A tree stump is dangerous to both lawnmowers and pedestrians and requires to be done away with. Removing a tree stump allows vegetation to grow over the stumps place. The question is: should you take things into your own hands or should you hire a professional? Here are some tips to help you decide:

The proper machinery

The right machinery for grinding tree stumps is efficient in its work and key to avoiding injury during the work. Homeowners frequently use chainsaws hoping that they will work out, unfortunately, the chainsaw is the last tool for this kind of job. Tree trimming done by professionals uses a wide variety of power tools and large machinery. Hiring this equipment is expensive and using the wrong tools is a dangerous choice, the best option is hiring a professional for tree removal in Ottawa.

The proper gear

The most obvious challenge faced during tree trimming or tree grinding is safety. One needs to protect their eyes, ears, hands, and body from the debris and tree pulp that is being ground. Tree removal Ottawa has professionals well equipped to keep themselves safe and others around them. Professionals are well trained to deal with the wooden stumps, difficult and dangerous targets without compromising their safety.

The proper technique

When removing a tree stump, there are several factors to consider because they are incredibly thick and resolute. These factors include: when is the job finished? and at what point is the stump successfully ground? Professionals performing tree stump removal and tree trimming know the answers to these and other pertinent questions. Hiring a well-trained professional for tree stump removal is the best way to approach this issue because professionals know how to approach the job and know when the removal is safely completed. Professionals also know how to clean up the residue after tree stump removal.

It is not advisable to attempt to remove a stump on your own or attempt to grind dead trees alone. This may lead to serious injuries to yourself and others or damage to the surrounding property. Hiring a professional ensures you get the best service done correctly and safely with zero risks and value for money.

Tree Trimming in Ottawa

Trees are trimmed mostly for one of three reasons: safety, shape and appearance, and to maintain the health of the tree.

Shape and appearance

Tree trimming, and pruning helps maintain a trees appearance and shape, although it is not advisable to try and shape trees away from their natural growth pattern. This may need several trims and may damage the tree, almost always permanently.


Broken and dead branches fall off and can be a safety hazard if they are in close range of short structures like houses.  Trees along roads with losing branches in Ottawa may obstruct drivers vision leading to accidents. Electricity line and telephone lines may be cut and destroyed by free-growing tree branches and it is the responsibility of the Ottawa company to handle the issue.


Infected trees can be saved by pruning off affected branches and limbs. Trimming tree crowns help improve airflow which is beneficial for the health of the tree. Branches in contact with each other should be trimmed to avoid them falling unexpectedly.

It may seem difficult to determine when the trees should be trimmed or pruned. However, we have come up with tips that will help you have a range of when to trim trees around your home or neighborhood.

Ideal Tree Trimming Frequency for Deciduous Trees

Most deciduous trees in an urban setting benefit from frequent trimming after every 3 to 5 years. Exceptions are when the deciduous trees grow in close range of structures because they may drop branches on the roofs of homes, damaging property and harming people.

Ideal Tree Trimming Frequency for Evergreen Trees

Pine trees around the Ottawa area may need trimming every 5 to 7 years. However, it is important to check the tree health for a more frequent prune on its affected branches. Cedars should receive trimming every 3 to 5 years.

Ideal Tree Trimming Frequency for Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees should be trimmed to the owner’s preference. It can be done either or yearly twice in a year.


What is the right timing for trimming?

It is highly dependent on the health condition and type of tree in question.

Full Trimming

This is cutting off what does not fit. It strengthens the tree and increases its accent growth. Disease stricken branches are cut off and duplicate limbs eliminated frequently to ensure the trees health

Heavy Trimming

Here the crown is reduced by pruning, although removing the tree is a preferred choice. Heavy trimming should be done yearly to cut back extending tips and leaving lead branches to lower the crown.

Crown Restoring

Trees which have been topped can start in the process of first pruning and reduce the number of leader branches which seem to struggle for light. It should be done in a cycle of 2 years to restore and reclaim the tree shape and aesthetics.

Crown Lifting

The lowest branches on conifers and some native trees in Ottawa are pruned off to stop them from struggling for light. Many confers in Ottawa tend to develop lower branches which struggle for sunlight and it is advisable to cut them down as often as they grow.

Formal pruning

Trees that grow in areas too small for their nature can be pruned formally to keep the aesthetics in check. Regular and professional trimming is required to maintain the desired shape. Trimming twice in a year is the optimum timing because it keeps outgrowing limbs in check.

Winter Tree Removal in Ottawa

We all love trees and they are great for the environment, however at times you find that you have to remove a tree from your property. You may be wondering when the best time to remove the tree would be and of course the particular reason for removing the tree is the biggest determining factor although there are some benefits to removing a tree in the winter time.

The winter season can be the perfect time to remove a tree in Ottawa in fact! If you are considering or have decided on removing a tree or stump or even just some of the branches from a tree, you should definitely consider doing so in the winter months. Here are some of the main benefits to removing a tree in the winter time.

Less Diseases and Faster Recovery

If you are looking to prune or to have some branches maintained then the winter provides the perfect time for you to hire a tree removal expert because there are fewer diseases that can enter the open wounds in your tree’s bark. Furthermore, your tree is dormant during the winter season and any of the wounds created from pruning the tree will not be exposed until the change of seasons to Spring.

No Noisy Chainsaws in the Summer

The perfect time to enjoy your yard and spend time with family is in the summer time. Do you really want to share those wonderful family gatherings with the noise from a chainsaw? Probably not. If you put off your tree removal (assuming it’s not an emergency) until the winter months then you will be able to enjoy your summer time without noise and cutting and a team of tree removal experts until the winter season.

When considering to remove your tree from your property, it may seem like something you can DIY however when you compare the costs of tool rental, equipment and other unexpected expenses, the costs can add up quickly when doing it yourself. Furthermore, tree removal is usually a pretty dangerous task that should be left to professional arborists. Plus hiring a professional can also offer some risk-assessments with an on-site inspection that can prevent some other costly damage to your property or even persons. Give yourself some peace of mind and hire a professional tree removal company in Ottawa.

We have helped countless home owners in Ottawa get rid of trees safely, efficiently and affordably and we can help you, too. Our highly experienced arborists in Ottawa are trained to deal with any tree removal you have in any location in Ottawa and surrounding areas and we can assure you that no damage will be done to your property.

In conclusion, if you have an emergency tree removal then call us any time of year but if you can wait until the winter there can be some added bonuses for you so that you can enjoy your summer. Of course, we accept all tree removal jobs all year round – just give us a call!

Storm Damage Tree Removal Ottawa

Whenever there are major storms, the potential for the trees on your property to cause damage increases and the majority of the damage is caused by falling limbs or when the entire tree (or parts of it) fall onto vehicles, homes and occasionally on people. The reason that summer storms are soo dangerous for falling trees and limbs is because the soil is more saturated with water creating a situation where the tree roots can fail and also the high velocity winds can knock off weaker branches and even the entire tree with the right conditions.

On the flip side, the winter storms are equally dangerous because the accumulation of snow and ice on the branches creates an off-balance that makes the tree more susceptible to being knocked over.

If you have an older, weaker tree on your property then you may want to consider removing the tree before a major storm comes that could turn into a dangerous situation causing damage and destruction. If your tree has been impacted by a passing storm already, we can help with tree and limb removal after the fact also. Hopefully there wasn’t any damage (aside from what happened to the tree) but either way we are here to help with your Ottawa tree removal.

Most of the time it is hard to determine if there is a hazardous tree in your yard if you have an untrained eye. If you are unsure, it is best to call us to have a professional tree removal specialist take a look to see if your tree poses any danger during the next storm that sweeps through Ottawa. The tree would be assessed during a climbing inspection and analysis of the decay and strength of the branches, stems and of course the roots of your tree.

Depending on our findings, we may recommend a complete tree removal or a tree limb removal to make sure that you and your property are safe during the next storm. We would never recommend tree removal in Ottawa without reason. We love trees and appreciate the benefits they provide us in the world well beyond just the aesthetics and a cool place to swing from.

After more severe storms, one of our first priorities is always to handle the emergency calls we receive to remove trees, clear roads and driveways. While we are available for the emergency tree removal moments, it is important to have your trees inspected periodically to determine if a danger is present and assess the strength of the tree so that you know if tree removing is required or if everything is good to stay as is.

If after a major storm you see one of your trees leaning then it is very important to call us so that we can take a look and possibly remove the tree because a leaning tree is a sign that there is root damage and the tree will no longer be able to support itself. If it hasn’t fully fallen down then there is a good chance that the next storm (even if minor) can be the final nail in the coffin and knock down the tree. It’s a good idea to have these trees removed right away in these situations to ensure that you and your property are safe.

So when it comes to storms and tree damage, there is a lot to consider and it is better to be proactive with the tree removal rather than waiting for the major storm to knock down your tree and risk damaging your property. Give us a call to have a look at the trees on your property today to keep you and your family safe.

How to Hire Professionals for Tree Limbing or Tree Removal Ottawa

Trees can be a great addition to any yard as they offer shade from the hot summer sun as well as an aesthetically pleasing part of nature in your yard. Perhaps this is a place where your kids or grandkids swing and play throughout the day. These are all great aspects of having trees in your yard however there are times when these tall Goliaths can pose a serious danger if they are at risk of falling down on  your house, car or even a person!

There are certain times where tree removal or at least tree limbing is necessary to ensure safety for all those around and property nearby. You may be wondering if this is a job you can tackle on your own. When thinking about this picture a loose branch flying through a window and shattering glass or the potential dangers of falling from the tree. These examples may seem dramatic but they are very much real scenarios that can happen during the tree removal process.

Deciding to hire a professional tree removal specialist in Ottawa is a good move. Tree removal in Ottawa is not something that just anyone can do so you should be wary of John the Handyman promising that he can remove your tree for you at a cheaper price because there are techniques and equipment needed to do the tree removal properly and most importantly the tree removal company in Ottawa should have good insurance to cover anything that gets damaged since accidents do happen. Our tree removal team has decades of experience working with trees and tree removal and tree limbing to get the job done right. We’ve seen and heard a lot of horror stories to know that this is not a task for just anybody to tackle.

For example, if the appearance and health of the tree is important to you then insist on the tree removal team using ropes or ascend with an aerial lift rather than using the harsh tree climbing spikes. If the tree is to be completely removed then this is not an issue of course but if it is just a tree limbing that is to be performed than this is the way to go.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the tree removal service in Ottawa has good references. We have many so just ask and we’ll gladly share with you. We handle each tree removal job with care and consideration to ensure that the tree is removed without damage to your property or anyone present. When it comes to tree removal and tree limbing it is best to hire a professional tree removal and tree limbing company to ensure the job is done right!

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