The Common Signs of a Dying or Dead Tree?

For most of us homeowners it can be difficult to see if one of our trees is dying before it is too late and there is usually a chance that a tree can be saved with some maintenance and preventative measures if you are able to spot an unhealthy tree in advance.

The reason it is difficult to see if your tree is dying is that trees die gradually, usually over the course of several years if the causes are natural. A dead tree on your property affects the overall look of your yard and landscape and the the problem goes deeper than just aesthetics as the dead tree is actually a hazard to people and property if the tree was to fall down on someone or something. If identified early, some symptoms can be corrected. Here are the most common red flags you should be on the look out for to determine if your tree is dying.

  • Unusual shedding of leaves
  • Branches falling off
  • An infestation of ants and other insects
  • Bark falling off
  • Leaning/bending trees
  • Discolored leaves
  • Fungi infestation

If you notice any of these signs that your tree may be unhealthy or dying then it is important to contact a qualified arborist right away. We have experience in recognizing the early warning signs of an unhealthy tree and we can usually perform some tree maintenance to save your tree. If the worst case happens and your tree is too far gone then we can help you establish a tree removal plan to keep your yard safe and looking great. We have experience in the safe removal of trees and trimming of trees to keep you and your family free from the hazards that a dying tree present.