Tree Pruning Ottawa

Taking care of trees at this early age will have many benefits present and future.

Tree Removal Ottawa

We have been removing dangerous trees in the Ottawa area for over 8 years.

Tree Permits Ottawa

Owners are responsible to obtain an arborist report from a local certified arborist.

Planting Ottawa

A tree planted correctly will influence the long-term performance.

Brush Chipping Ottawa

We turn all chips into a recyclable product used as mulch in gardens and around trees.

Stump Grinding Ottawa

We offer stump grinding for our customers to remove new and old stumps.

Lot Clearing Ottawa

Let one of our arborists examine your lot and help you choose which trees we can preserve.

Protect your Investment. Always hire a certified arborist.

Crowe Tree and Hedge is owned and operated by Kevin Crowe and was established in 2002.  Kevin has been in the industry for several years and has developed a passion for tree work. Our staff are exceptionally trained in safety and tree maintenance. We operate a fully insured tree service with all necessary equipment.

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We are fully insured and our employees are covered by WSIB





Thank you for doing such a great job on the hedges. Please don’t forget to put me down for first spring next year tree.

— The Lee Family

Thank you for the excellent service you provided. We would happily recommend you to our family and friends.

— The Johnstons

Thank you Kevin, I am so pleased with your work. I have referred you to two friends and my sister.

— Sandy

The yard looks great. We were very impressed at how clean the yard was for the work done. Very professional! I will certainly call you again. I have already given your name to a colleague. Thanks again!

— Rachel

Thank you very much for the quick, efficient and tidy job you did taking down my tree. Your cleanup was especially appreciated.

— Elizabeth

We would like to let you know that we were very satisfied with the services we received from your company and with the level of customer service. We will be sure to recommend your company to anyone in the future! Thanks again!

— Chloe & Nathan

Everything looked really great. We will be sure to call on your services should they be required once again. Thank you to you and your crew for all the hard work especially in the dead of winter!

— Christin

Tree Removal, Hedge Trimming, Pruning, Lot Clearing, Planting and more...

Our certified arborists and exceptionally trained staff are experts in the skill of tree removals. Our staff have been removing dangerous trees in a controlled manner in the Ottawa area for over eight years. We have all the necessary equipment to handle any job. Our staff are capable of roping, rigging, and lowering any limbs no matter the location of your tree. For more accessible trees, we operate a boom truck with a 60 ft reach capability. We always leave our jobs sites clean, chipping all branches and removing wood to be recycled for fire wood. Even in extreme, dangerous work environments, our team operates in an extremely safe and professional manner. We take tremendous pride in our ISA standards, methods and providing a quality service to our customers.

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