How to Know When It’s Time to Remove a Tree

If you are a homeowner in the Ottawa area then you may have been worried about the health of a tree on your property at some point. Trees can be aesthetically pleasing and also improve the health of our planet but they can also cause injury and damage when they fall. While we don’t usually like to think in worst-case scenarios, it is important to pay attention to the health of the trees on your property to make sure that everyone is safe and that your property is not at risk of being damaged.


It’s always best to contact a certified arborist when it comes to your tree inspection and removal needs to make sure that everyone is safe and a tree is not removed prematurely.


If you start to notice any of the following signs then it will likely be time to remove the tree and definitely time to contact a tree removal specialist in Ottawa such as Crowe Tree Removal.


  • The lower main trunk of the tree is cracked or broken.
  • There are tree branches hanging over the roof of your home. 
  • A large stem has split from the tree which can lead to massive decay and weakness in the tree’s structure.
  • The tree is leaning towards a target object. 
  • The tree is clearly dead even to the untrained eye
  • There are hanging, dead branches on the tree
  • Heavy amounts of soil appear around the base of the tree trunk indicating it is not deeply rooted and could topple over
  • There is fungi or other traces of disease showing
  • Small twigs on the tree do not turn into beautiful blooms.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to call one of our tree removal experts. It is important to have your tree inspected by a certified arborist in Ottawa to ensure that you do not prematurely remove a tree but also that you know when the right time is to remove the tree in Ottawa.

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