The benefits or drawbacks of Stump Grinding or Stump Removal

If you have had a tree removed from your yard you may have noticed that a stump has been left behind. This stump can pose dangers not only to the health of your yard but also can create a tripping hazard for children or animals, not to mention the stump can be an unpleasant sight in your yard. The stumps create an obstacle for your lawn maintenance, you would have to go around the stump as well as consistently weed the stump in order to keep your lawn looking and feeling healthy. If you are looking to get rid of your stump then our stump removal team can help choose the right option for you and your yard.

Our company is licensed and insured to remove or grind your unwanted stump in your yard, it is important that homeowners should not grind or remove their stumps. Removal or grinding stumps is quite complex and requires special machinery and could pose a safety risk.  We will be exploring the benefits and drawbacks of two main methods we use, stump grinding or stump removal, to help you understand and choose the best option.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves special machinery in which the stump is ground down to a height that is aesthetically pleasing to the rest of your landscape

Benefits Drawbacks
·         Quick and effective

·         Less invasive (since the roots will be left in the ground there is no hole left in your yard to be fixed)

·         Environmentally friendly, the soil is not disturbed as well as the wood that is being ground down can be used as mulch

·         More economical

·         The tree roots remain, this could lead to sprouts, the stump growing to its original size and fungal diseases

·         If it is not done by a professional it could look uneven or not pleasing to look at

Stump Removal

Stump removal involved taking the whole stump out starting at the roots. This method is very invasive and requires heavy machinery and force to pull the stump out, which needs to be done by a professional. While this method does remove the entire stump it does leave an unsightly hole in your yard that poses a safety hazard if not filled. If you do decide on this method because you just want the stump gone then we can also help you fill the hole.

Benefits Drawbacks
·         Removes the stump completely so no roots are left behind

·         No risk of the stump growing back

·         helps reduce the chance of fungal disease from left over roots


·         Less economical

·         More invasive

·         Creates a hole in your yard

·         Less environmentally friendly

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Improve the appearance of your yard, free up space, extend the life of your lawn mower, and keep your family safe with stump grinding and stump removal services from Crowe Tree Services Inc.! As you can probably deduce from the above information, we generally recommend stump grinding as the best method for eliminating stumps, however we’re happy to perform stump removal as well. If you’re unsure what method is best for your particular situation or you want to schedule a stump grinding or removal appointment, get in touch with our team of tree experts today!