Dead Tree Removal Ottawa – When is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Trees can really add to a landscape and beautify your yard, so when they are dying it can be hard to part with them. Even if your tree seems healthy and in good shape, the health of your tree could be much worse than what you see with the untrained eye and can be a disaster waiting to happen if something isn’t done right away.

Usually removal of a tree would be a last resort if there are no other options such as safe tree management like pruning and disease mitigation however there are times where tree removal is the best course of action a home owner can take. Tree removal in Ottawa can be tricky business and quite dangerous so it is highly recommended to have a professional tree removal expert perform the tree removal. You should not attempt to do a tree removal on your own unless you have a lot of experience with tree removal and tree maintenance. If you do not remove a dead or dying tree then you are risking thousands of dollars in damage as well as personal injury if the tree or parts of the tree fall. With the heavy winds and unusual weather we have been experiencing in Ottawa, it is recommended to have us take a look at your trees if there are some you are concerned about in order to assess the risk and provide you with some recommendations. Often a tree doesn’t look dangerous until after a storm or heavy snow exposes its vulnerabilities and by this time it may be too late if the tree has fallen causing damage to property or persons.

As a home owner, you own the tree and therefore you are responsible for any damages caused by the tree so it is in your best interest to have the tree professionally removed. This is just to keep you informed and not to scare you as the tree removal process is easy and affordable. We just want to make sure you understand the reasons behind having a tree removed and the seriousness of not removing a dead or dying tree.

How Can I Tell if My Tree is Dead or Dying?

There is some good news! You can usually tell if a tree is struggling by studying the branches, trunk, roots and location around your tree. You should be looking for some red flags that would indicate it may be time to remove your dead or dying tree. The following red flags will help you identify issues:

  • There are signs of infection
  • You see large, dead branches in the tree’s crown
  • Your tree isn’t growing well
  • There is evidence of root defects
  • The trunk is compromised
  • The tree is hollow
  • The tree is suddenly leaning
  • You observe sprouts at the base of the tree
  • The tree is under power lines
  • The tree is too close to a house or other structure

If you have noticed any of these red flags then give us a call and one of our professional arborists will come by to inspect your tree to determine a tree maintenance plan or if tree removal is required. If your tree is dead or dying it doesn’t mean it has to be removed in every case. For example, if your tree is located on a large lot in a forest away from people or structures then it will be okay to let nature take its course. Tree removal is usually a last resort because these trees can serve as a home and refuge for woodpeckers and other wildlife in your neighbourhood.

Sometimes tree failures happen and it is sudden and something you cannot plan for – however with dead and dying trees you usually have some time before imminent danger is present so you can prepare for a proper tree removal by a professional. This is not to be ignored though to prevent damage to yourself, your family or your home. A good time to inspect your tree is in between seasons before the worst of summer storms and heavy winter snowfalls happen. Since most tree removal jobs are unsafe for the average home or property owner, it is important for you to give us a call for our professional tree removal services.