When should you remove a tree?

When it comes time to remove a tree, it can be quite the emotional endeavour in many cases as this may be a family tree the kids used to play on or swing on or it may just be the perfect compliment to your yard creating a summer oasis. Since trees have very long lifespans ranging from 50 to even 1000 years, they become an embedded part of the community with sentimental feelings from neighbours even if the tree isn’t on their own property.

Even though trees can be an emotional part of nature, they can also become safety hazards, especially during weather events such as high velocity winds and storms. Especially in the winter season when heavy ice builds up on branches, the same beloved tree can become a dangerous element to have in your lawn.

Eventually all trees will become dangerous and a risk to safety but how do you know when it is the right time to remove a tree from your yard? Usually there are some signs such as broken branches, or an unhealthy trunk. It is best to have the tree inspected if you have some concerns over whether or not you need to contact a tree removal company in Ottawa.

One of the most important things to check for is the structural integrity of the tree to see if it is compromised. This is determined by a hollow trunk and if you notice that the tree has become hollow then it is a very good idea to call and have the tree professionally removed. Additionally, when considering the overall health of your tree you should inspect the roots to see if they are healthy or if they are showing signs that the tree should be removed. A good sign of this is if the tree has a lean then this could mean that the roots on the other side are damaged. Tress should be upright for the most part if they have a healthy root system. Of course another sign would be if there are dead branches because this is a clear sign that the tree is unhealthy although this wouldn’t necessarily mean that the tree should be removed and it may just need to have some of the branches cut off or trimmed.

Aside from the health of the tree and root system, one of the main things that would determine if your tree should be removed is the location of the tree’s growth. So if your tree is near hazardous hydro lines or a building structure such as your house then the tree may need to be removed depending on the size and direction of growth as well as the potential for the tree to impact the hydro lines or fall onto your house during a storm.

So the takeaway from this article is that there are some health related issues that could prompt concern about removing the tree as well as the potential for your tree to take down hydro lines. If you feel a tree on your property may be falling into one of these categories then it’s important to give us a call so we can inspect the tree and provide a recommendation on next steps to either wait and leave the tree alone or if the tree should be professionally removed by our expert tree removal team.

We love nature just as much as you do and we will always provide you with honest suggestions and affordable estimates if it is determined that removing the tree is the best course of action.